The Queer Tango Salon 2017: Proceedings



In our view, such was the high standard of work featured, we think it should be made more widely available.

We have made an agreement with those running The Queer Tango Project to publish online and for free The Queer Tango Project 2017: Proceedings, an eBook, in which will be gathered together the Keynote Presentations, plus as many other presentations as possible. We also want to include summaries of the findings of the Workshops, and as many links to videos or audiofiles as we can.

If you came to the Salon and presented or ran a workshop, would you like your work included?

We are delighted to say that both Mariana Docampo and Professor Lisa Blackman have agreed that their presentations will be included. We hope to include a link to a video of Federico Imperial/Dita LVR’s Keynote Contribution.

If you would like your Paper or Workshop Summary or Video or Audio File to be included, please email Ray batchelor at  with a Word attachment containing:

  • the text of your presentation corrected – but not extended, or
  • a summary of your workshop, or
  • a link to your video or audio file plus some text explaining what it is

 …before MONDAY 16th OCTOBER!

With regard to  texts:


  • There will be no “house style” for contributions regarding English (UK) or English (US) – just use one or the other and be internally consistent
  • Footnotes or other referencing are not a requirement
  • However, if you include them, or a bibliography, or both, choose any of the standard formats or anything informal and transparent and internally consistent
  • Include high-resolution illustrations if you wish – but please make sure you have secured the copyrights to them!
  • Write a short caption for each illustration

Do we have a correct form of your biography?

We plan to include your biography too. Check that you are happy with one which appeared in the online Programme which you can download here: If you want it changed (but not extended it) please email a corrected version as a further, separate Word file attachment.

Do you any good photos of the Salon more generally?

In addition, if you have any good photographs which you, yourself took, and which we could include, please send them, too, and you will be credited.  Of course, we may be obliged to make a selection.

We think The Queer Tango Salon 2017: Proceedings will make a material contribution to moving the debates which queer tango attracts forwards, and we would welcome your help in doing just that.

If you have any questions, please ask.