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Planning your trip to London?

A sketch of our programme to help you:

Welcome Milonga at Tango Terra with Alfredo Martin Espindola on the evening of 14th Sept.

Full programme of events on Friday 15th Sept including dancing in the evening.

Programme closes at approx 5.00 pm on Saturday with the option of visiting another London milonga.

Full programme published soon…

You are invited to The Queer Tango Salon 2017 in London


If you are dancer who thinks or thinker who dances, maybe you have something to say or a dance research workshop you want to run? The Queer Tango Salon offers a unique space for both.

The organisers of The Queer Tango Salon 2017, Ray Batchelor, Jon Mulholland and Hélène Marquié have sent out a Call for Interventions.

Our suggested theme is “The Real thing? 21st Century Searches for Authenticity” but you are welcome to develop your own – maybe looking to the work of our Keynote Contributors – confirmed thus far?

Part of the reason for the success of The Queer Tango Salon 2016 in Paris was the high quality discussions stimulated by enjoyable, thoughtful papers and equally enjoyable challenging workshops.

And the dancing!

We look forward to welcoming you!